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In a recent blog Seth Godin points out the absurdity of Objectives on resumes along with other useless information like stating that references are available upon request.

He’s right of course. Standard resumes do contain some useless information. We hear plenty of talk about resumes going away. How they don’t serve a purpose and how online profiles will replace them.

Here’s the thing. Resumes aren’t going anywhere. They have already evolved and they will continue to evolve. Many people don’t use land lines any more, but we all still have phones. A resume is an essential fact sheet detailing basic background and qualifications. Yes, I’ll get a better idea of whether you are a fit for my company if I meet you, but if I meet every candidate that has an interest in a position I may never find the right one. Too inefficient.

We can drop the Objective. Give me the basic facts. Work history with dates, education, skills, job related duties. Make it easy to scan / read. Deliver it electronically. Then I can determine if this is a possible fit and we should meet.


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