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Over The Top

A good job ad gets your attention.  It peaks your interest.  Something like…..

“Great opportunity for an experienced widget maker”

Then it will state the critical information.  The main idea is to peak interest and give the critical requirements that you are looking for.  You want the right candidate to recognize that they fit and generate enough interest for them to want to explore it and find out what makes it a great opportunity.

If an ad goes over the top it sounds fishy, less trustworthy, and it may contain something that turns off the right candidate.  Some ads sell and sell, trying to convince the candidate to take the job before connecting with them to see about an interview.  It doesn’t take much to turn a great candidate off.  Your objective with a job ad is to generate a response from the right candidate.

Save the details that show why it’s a great opportunity for the interview.

Todd Kmiec





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