I started Todd Kmiec & Associates in 2002 with the objective of creating a recruiting firm that focuses solely on Expanding Clients’ Reach in order to find the candidates that they are not reaching on their own.


At its core, recruiting is simply about finding the right candidate, not creating them. Over the years we have developed the resources to recruit in every way possible and we continue to expand those capabilities by employing every new tool that becomes available.  Combined with concentrated effort over a long period of time, this enables us to both cast a wider net and dig deeper into any industry.

In the end, the more difficult positions are filled because of greater reach.  We provide that greater reach and all of our efforts and resources are poured into that pursuit.


To learn more about how we operate or what we can do for you on particularly challenging searches, contact me at todd@toddkmiec.com .


Douglas R.

VP of HR

We have very unique needs in recruiting.  Many times we need high level management and senior management candidates with very specific experience.  On the other end of the spectrum we need hourly employees working in a production environment with specific skills.  Todd and his team have been able to consistently find the people we need at any level and with any skill set that we require.  It makes things a lot easier for us to know that we can go to them at any time as an extension of our team and they will increase our reach to find the candidates we need.  Our internal team is very good.  Having Todd and his team at our disposal makes us great.


Glen B.


These guys are just great.  When I have a need, they get on it right away.  No wasted time and they are always able to find good candidates.  Incredibly efficient.


Diane M., SPHR

Human Resources Manager

Todd and his team provide the added reach that we need for challenging searches at a moment’s notice, whenever we need it.  Todd is the sole point of contact, which I really appreciate, and the reach is incredible.  This is without a doubt the best recruiting firm I’ve ever dealt with.


Joseph D.

HR Recruiter

When our hiring managers have critical needs and the right candidates are hard to find, the pressure is very high.  When this happens, Todd Kmiec and Associates is the best tool to have at your disposal.  Always professional, always available, and able to kick the search into high gear immediately.   I can contact Todd at any time and get immediate action.  He’s incredibly efficient and easy to work with and his team is relentless, providing candidates that meet the qualifications within a few days in most cases and continuing to search in all ways and for as long as it takes on even the most difficult searches.



Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

I have worked with Todd for over 3 years and am amazed at his reach nationally to find the best candidates. I have hired him to help one of my clients to find engineers, something in short supply in Southern California. He always comes up with the best candidates, even better than the local recruiters I have worked with. Todd is punctual and very responsive when contacted and stays in touch all the time throughout the process. He is a beacon of light in an industry full of recruiters who are lazy. I highly recommend Todd if you need a recruiter who is very effective and has a great network. He really works for his fees. 


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