Cultural Fit

March 21, 2018 Leave a comment

You know the guy who is always joking around, even while working?  What about the one that is always serious, focused, no time for additional conversation?  He’s too this.  She’s too that.  They don’t fit the company culture.  Unless they do.

Your company culture is your culture and successful teams don’t all have the same culture.  Talented people in the wrong culture won’t thrive.  Not like they will in the right culture.  If you’re building a great business, the candidate pool is limited to the people that have the qualifications that you need and who fit your culture.

That’s a smaller pool, but well worth focusing on and expanding your reach to find.


Todd Kmiec


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Skewing Young

March 14, 2018 Leave a comment

Millennials are now the largest generation in the work force and they are largely underpaid.  That says a lot.

Hiring younger, less experienced, workers to replace more experienced, more expensive, workers is nothing new.  It’s a business decision that in a lot of cases makes the most sense.  The numbers will tell if accomplishing nearly as much with a much lower salary will improve the bottom line.  And, of course, the less expensive employee may improve to the point where they are accomplishing more and still at a lower salary.  Re-setting the salary bar at a lower level can be very beneficial.

The difference now is, it’s being done a lot more.  That has kept wage growth in check for quite some time, and may have slowed the productivity of businesses and entire industries.  At some point, things will balance out.  Millennials need to be productive and they need to earn more.


Todd Kmiec


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Brand Matters

March 7, 2018 Leave a comment

You check references to see what you can find out about a candidate that you are seriously considering.  How hard do they work?  Are they reliable?  Skills, Character, History.  What does their overall brand say about them?

If there are problems or red flags you are more likely to pass.  If the brand is strong, a positive compelling story, you are more likely to hire.

The story is the same from the other direction.  Candidates do research on companies they are considering.  They talk to people, search for information, ask around.  Your brand matters and if the story is negative, good candidates will move on.  If your brand is strong, good candidates will see that or already be aware of it.  A strong brand attracts strong talent.


Todd Kmiec

What’s Possible

February 28, 2018 Leave a comment

What’s possible is so much more than what we are typically going for, what we are currently positioned to do.

Business shouldn’t just be about making a profit, solid average growth, making it work.  It should be about What’s possible.  If you could bring in the right talent, build a certain team with certain skills, what could you do?  What could you build?

Figure out what’s possible and go build it.


Todd Kmiec


War For Talent

February 21, 2018 Leave a comment

Maybe it’s more like little skirmishes in individual situations, but it’s happening.  Josh McDaniels, the New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator, was said to have accepted the head coaching position with the Indianapolis Colts and then changed his mind and turned it down.

Did McDaniels get a counter offer?  Sounds like it.  He’s not the only one.  Any time you get unemployment down to pretty low levels you are going to have some degree of a war for talent.  Companies are growing and they need talent.  They all want the best talent they can get and the candidate pool is too small to satisfy everyone.

In this scenario, you have to compete.  Money is part of the equation.  It’s not everything, but it’s part of it and you have to decide what salaries make sense for your business and consider increasing those numbers if you are losing candidates based on money.  Your story is a big part of it too.  There is significant value in a better work environment and better long term career opportunity.  And one other thing.  If you snooze you lose.  Dragging your feet in conditions like we currently have is a sure way to lose out on the candidates you want.


Todd Kmiec

Degree Required

February 14, 2018 Leave a comment

Most jobs, not all….. but most, that you recruit for require a college degree.  This is a basic first requirement for a lot of searches that recruiters work on.  Most of the time, required means required.  Must have.

Sometimes, degree required means degree preferred.  For the right candidate with the right skills and background, we can deal with them not having a degree.

Two thirds of adults in the US do not have a college degree.  That’s a startling statistic when you spend much of your life looking for people with certain skills that have to have a degree.  What that tells is, degree required does seriously limit the candidate pool.  And, changing to degree preferred will seriously expand the candidate pool.


Todd Kmiec

Not On Your Schedule

February 7, 2018 Leave a comment

The right fit is not always there on your schedule.  Too many times, in recruiting, we run into a friend, acquaintance, or candidate that is looking for a change and they want or need it to happen now.  Out of a job, can’t stand where I’m at, finally realized that this isn’t the right fit or best fit for me.

This is your schedule and the rest of the world doesn’t adhere to your schedule.  While there is surely a better fit available, it may not be the right fit, a great fit.  All candidates should land in the right spot, a great fit.  For that to happen, they’ve got to be aware, at least open to considering the fact that the right fit may just be coming available now.

That’s not the same as always looking for a change.  It is simply understanding that it’s a big world with a lot of moving parts and the right fit may come available at any time.


Todd Kmiec

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